Rational Logo

  1. The overall shape of the logo which is a five-sided shield represents a higher education institution that process a philosophy, vision, mission and five core values.
  2. The orbit shape circumventing a diamonds represents a progressive knowledge while a combination of both the orbit and the diamond represents the graduates of the University who has a global vision.
  3. The diamond shapes denotes the solidness of the administration and governace of the University based on rules and regulations. The color yellow represents the sovereignty of the University's administration and governace.
  4. The elephant ivory shapes which is the symbol of the state of Pahang denotes the strenght of knowledge and technical skills that will contribute to the universal prosperity. The blue and cyan color reflect the integration of knowledge as the vessel for unity and greatness of civilisation.
  5. The pen shapes at the middle of the logo represents the knowledge generated by the staff and students of the University. The colour white denotes the truth knowledge bestowed upon us by ALLAH S.W.T.
  6. Word of UMP represents the knowledge generated by UMP.